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To promote the mutual understanding of intellectual property , and promote the trade between the US and China. 

We serve those working in intellectual property businesses of both countries by providing  patent searches and an inquiry hotline. We bridge people of both countries to come together by providing those with a virtual intellectual property community online. 

It is our effort that Intellectual Property Network will help to minimize IP and trade disputes; and to maximize opportunities of utilizing, commercializing and protecting intellectual property between U.S. and China.

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Intellectual Property Law

the US
  • Patent and Trade Secret ( 35 U. S. C..)

  • Trademark and Unfair Competition ( Lanham, 15 U .S. C.)

  • Copyright ( 17 U. S. C.)

  • Cyber

  • Advertising

  • Anti-Trust

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Intellectual Property Practice

Intellectual Property Societies

  • IP Forum
  •  AIPLA (American Intellectual Property Law Association)
  • IPO (Intellectual Property Owners Association)
  • LESI and LES (Licensing Executives Society)
  • LIMA (The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association)
  • AUTM (Association of University Technology Managers)
  •  WestLaw
  • Lexis-Nexis
  • Find Law
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Intellectual Property Education

the US

Intellectual Property Organization

the US
  • China Natinal People's Congress
  • China State Council
  • China Patent Office
  • China Copyright Office
  • China National Industry & Business Administration
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  • WTO (World Trade Organization, GATT TRIPs)
  • WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization
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Welcome to Intellectual Property Network, a free forum. We intend to use Internet technology to promote mutual understanding and communication between Western Countries, particularly the US, and China, in the field of Intellectual Property.

In this bilingual Intellectual Property Network, visitors can access comprehensive and systematic Intellectual Property information in the US and China. You can also read an introduction about the history of Intellectual Property, its current status and its future development.In the IP forum, we will focus on all kinds of famous IP arguments, disputes and tends in our Media Age.

Education and training in law are very important for any healthy society under law. There is a special session of IP education for current law school students and corporation management staff to access the latest IP educational materials from concept level to master level.

There is a guideline session about IP commercialization and licensing, which is getting more and more important in the Information Age. In this IP Forum, we will introduce the US advanced management and commercial practice in Intellectual Property, which should be very helpful for Chinese and Foreign IP owners in China, a new blooming, glowing market economy country. In addition, we try to study and collect more mature US Intellectual Property information for reference to our visitors from China Intellectual Property field.

The law always develops after the social economy, especially in the IP field, where law is quiet a new phenomenon to the information technology developments, such as the Internet. However, we have confidence to make an integrated, high level Intellectual Property Networks to serve all the people with latest IP information and trends in the US Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, and Executive Branch, and the latest information about IP practice in China

China: | Patents | Trademarks | Copyrights | Competition Laws Cyberlaw |

The US: | Patents | Trademarks | Copyrights | Antitrust | Cyberlaw |

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Disclaimer: This is a FREE Intellectual Property Network (Patents and Trade-secrets, Trademarks, Copyrights, Cyber-laws, Telecommunications, Advertising, Anti-Trust, International Trade Regulation etc.). However this is NOT a legal consulting. US China Intellectual Property Network 1998-2001, Designed and Updated by James Luo on 07/01/01, All Rights Reserved.